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Just a few of the comments received:

Nver  wrote (on Amazon US - 5 Star review):

Action packed

This novel is full of action, but doesn't ignore the fact that the reader wants a good story as well. There are surprises as the individual tales slowly weave together for a truly satisfying ending. I found this to be one you didn't want to put down!

Eric Rhodes
on the Authonomy (Harper Collins) site wrote: 

I really enjoyed the pace and detail of the novel, it's very good and covers all the bases. A very interesting way to end though.

Miriam Sagler wrote:

Great read! Loved every minute. Wonderfully researched, and I should know, I'm an Egyptologist!

Michael Williams wrote:

An intricate weave of two solid storylines. It kept me on the edge of my seat. What an ending!


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