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“Foul Superstition! howsoe'er disguised, / Idol, saint, virgin, prophet, crescent, cross, / For whatsoever symbol thou art prized, / Thou sacerdotal gain, but general loss! / Who from true worship's gold can separate thy dross?”

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, II. 44, George Gordon (aka Lord Byron), 1788 - 1824


I mention in the novel that Mayan glyphs have been discovered in Egypt. Although I attribute their discovery to fictional Saïd Hakim, the glyphs in question were shown to Dr. Stephen Mehler, then Director of the Kinnaman Foundation’s Monuments of Giza Project, by Abd’El Hakim Awyan as evidence of a Mayan Temple. Situated near Sakkara, these were located in the remains of an 18th Dynasty (1300 B.C.) temple of an official called Maya. Hakim insists that there is no word “Maya” in the Khemitian language, but that rather this was a title. The word “Maya” in modern Egyptian is one of the words used to mean “Water”. Hakim has stated that “Maya” may have been a person from the Pre-Columbian Central American Mayan culture and that the title may have meant “from across the water” to the ancient Khemitian.

The glyphs were located on the ceiling and Mehler took extensive photographs of them. These his sent to none other than the great contemporary indigenous teacher of the Mayan people, Daykeeper Hunbatz Men for his comments. The latter was not told where the photographs were taken nor given any other information which would help him to identify the location or time period of their origin. He is reported as stating that they do appear to be of ancient Mayan origin and that he recognizes both the style and form.

This obviously adds yet another mystery to the many associated with ancient Egypt.

And... although not mentioned in the novel, there are rock inscriptions in Australia which show that an Egyptian Prince, together with a small group of explorers, arrived there many centuries ago as well!

Remember, the history books are written by the victors.

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