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“There are bad times just around the corner,/ We can all look forward to despair, / It's as clear as crystal / From Bridlington to Bristol / That we can't save democracy / And we don't much care.”

 From the lyrics to “There Are Bad Times” by Noël Coward, 1899-1973



One of the original concepts I brandished when writing the first draft of the novel way back in 2006, was that of the Apocalypse as documented in the Bible’s Book of Revelations (no I’m not going to give an Amazon link to this one – I’m sure you  can find it), and in particular, the Seven Seals.  The number seven is universally esoteric, associated with good fortune (except in Japan where it’s considered the opposite). In Hebrew theology it is used extensively, meaning completion or perfection. So the Seventh Seal has to be a conclusion.


Also I wanted to make the seals themselves a physical reality. Obviously a parchment with the typical red sealing wax closure, as used in more than one Hollywood film, would not survive the ages. I wanted the concept of the seals to be related to exotic energy and looked for a suitable container – hence the crystals.


The classical interpretation of the Seals, and the way in which I reflected these in the novel, are as follows:

Seal 1: A horseman wearing a crown and brandishing a bow, mounted on a White steed, who went forth to conquer (Rev. 6:2).  In the novel, the President of the United States decides to invade Venezuela.


Seal 2: A horseman with the power to take peace from the Earth and wielding a great sword, mounted on a Red horse (Rev. 6:4). In the novel, the Chinese take a stand against the U.S. over the invasion and the threat to their oil rights.


Seal 3: A horseman holding a pair of scales and talking about measures of wheat and barley (dietary staples and a major part of the daily survival of “biblical” times), mounted on a Black steed (Rev. 6:7). In the novel, I extrapolated the wheat and barley references to create a wheat blight and international famine.


Seal 4: A horseman called Death with power over the fourth part of the Earth, mounted on a Pale horse (Rev. 6:8). The concept I sought for the novel was “death” over a large area, and thus the EMP attack was born.


Seal 5: Souls under the altar, slain for the word of Elohim (God) that cried out with a loud voice… (Rev.  6:9-10). In the novel this became the events at the Peace Rally in Hong Kong.


Seal 6
: A great earthquake… (Rev. 6:12-13). Although the biblical text talks also of the Sun becoming black, of the stars falling from heaven and the Moon becoming blood, I only went as far as a Mega-tsunami and 100 million dead!


Seal 7: A silence in the Heavens for half an hour… (Rev. 8:1-3). Read the last page of the novel again. I’m not saying any more…

… for the moment.


I deliberately chose the “rainbow” colours for the crystals, in the sequence used, because of their association with the seven principle Chakras. In my Martial Art practices we do considerable work with “universal” energy, or Ki (Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, Higgs Boson in Quantum Mechanics?). This is directly related to the way energy moves through our bodies and is a fundamental part of the understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us. We learn to understand how this energy behaves, its effect upon our minds and bodies, and to manipulate it to achieve our goals. (I confess to having used Ki manipulation with extreme success in many a difficult business meeting over the years). So the use of these colours became my own personal tribute, as well as a reference, to the transition from the purely physical to higher enlightenment as you progress through the sequence.


My Watermann Edson Fountain Pen



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