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"Truth indeed is always truth, and reason is always reason; they have an intrinsic and unalterable value, and constitute that intellectual gold which defies destruction; but gold may be so concealed in baser matter that only a chemist can recover it; sense may be so hidden in unrefined and plebeian words that none but philosophers can distinguish it; and both may be so buried in impurities as not to pay the cost of their extraction.

- extract from  "Life of Cowley" by Dr. Samuel Johnson  


This was a really sneaky one, on my behalf.

Although the Ophites used an Internet IP tracker embedded in certain software (in italics just in case you've not read the novel yet) to track down one of the good guys, if you closely examen the encrypted text you might find this:

G95509GK0K4509I6K40’9H9’65¡409834JJG9T9885J3J3OE598TGU56’¡BGJGP60HJEPP43O5K6JTY48 45KJ70954KJFD90784JJER¡DZOA4NAHGZ’DGON43B0S954JI4309

Now look closely at how it starts; you might spot this:

35 19 0 N 136 4 0 E

better read as: 35° 19' 0" North, 136° 4' 0" East

"Curiouser and curiouser", as Alice, and Will Abrams might say.

What happens if you enter this into Google Earth?
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