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Full Disclosure
Book of the Month (Sept 2012

Some Reviews

Jonel Boyko wrote: (Goodreads Jan. 25, 2013)

star star star star star

Not only is this story itself full of suspense, but Gates' method of writing keeps you on the edge of your seat. He uses short, concise sentences to set the mood at times, and switches to longer, more flowing sentences to tone down other scenes. This author grasps not only the power of words but also the power of sentence structure within the novel. He manages to bring absolute chaos to life so that you feel like you are living it with the characters.

Personally, I don't generally like stories that jump around from place to place and time to time. Gates, however, uses this method to add to the mystery, suspense, and urgency of the tale. The way that it is laid out, he avoids muddying the time and place for each event. Everything is kept clear & separate, avoiding confusion on the part of the reader. The short chapters really help with this.

I loved that Gates uses the correct terms for attack measures & countermeasures, individuals & their positions, etc. It makes the novel seem much more realistic. If Gates were to write the same novel using vague, flowery, or incorrect terms it would have lost a great deal of impact on the audience. It's very hard to focus on the story when what is registering to the reader is that the scene doesn't make sense with the story or is undetailed. The terminology and details used helps lead to the fact that you are almost immediately caught up in the conspiracy theory of the novel. You're constantly wondering what's really going on and "what if" and "who is he really?"

The dates for past events are also correct. Gates uses reality as a basis for his fictional tale, and he does it correctly. Stories that start in this vein have such potential to let the audience down if the facts are incorrect that it is a real risk to take this route. I definitely commend Gates as an author that takes the time and puts in the extra effort to do so. I also need to thank him for taking the time to double check these facts. It greatly added to the enjoyment of the novel.

Gates also manages to create a variety of different characters. Some of them you get to know quite well. You know their history, their friends, their likes, and dislikes. Others you barely get to know at all. They remain a mystery to the reader. There is one character whose real name I still do not know. It's brilliant. Based on his job, this would be the reality for that character. Gates develops each character in a way suited to their position in the world and in the novel.

Overall I was excessively surprised throughout the novel. Gates combines detail and writing style to create a thrilling ride for his readers.

Selected for Book of the Month (Sept 2012) on
Their reviewer Debbie Cullen wrote:

Rating: Intriguing Thriller

The scene is set by a series of events a few months earlier, culminating to the present where the main tension starts to take shape and hook you in.

An unsuspecting American small town in the middle of no-where suddenly becomes the focus of intense action by the secret service and the military; the President addresses the nation on television with the cause of such drastic, national action.

However, not everything is as it seems and soon there’s an undercurrent that the local sheriff is getting uncomfortable about; something is not right! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s exceptionally well written and does make you want to know just what is going on; what secrets are being hidden; who can you trust.

The only down side for me was reading it on a Kindle as it can get a bit confusing at the beginning, however, if it were a paperback, a quick flip back would soon clear the picture again. But don’t let this put you off, I’d highly recommend it.

Frank wrote (on Amazon Uk - 5 Star rating):


FULL DISCLOSURE held my interest from page one. The plot was spellbinding.
It was obvious a great deal of research had been conducted as the weaponry detail was so accurate.
This the second novel by Eric Gates that I have had the pleasure of reading and can only look forward to his next novel. This is a well versed author who takes the time needed to portray accuracy and authenticity, as displayed in 2012 and FULL DISCLOSURE.
Well done! Highly recommended."

Sceptical wrote (on Amazon UK - 5 Stars rating):

A Thrilling Ride

I wasn't too sure what to expect from Eric J. Gates but I was bought Full Disclosure by a friend who recommended him highly. I certainly wasn't convinced by the cover. But from the very first page Eric Gates delivered a gripping read. The opening was reminiscent of the suspense of a Frederick Forsyth before settling into the pace of a James Patterson and the bangs per buck of Andy McNab.
In his chief antagonist, Anson Moore, Eric Gates has created a detached killer with, perhaps, a social conscience. In a tale of betrayal and double dealing we are never sure who is working for who and so the tension builds. By focussing much of the action on a small and isolated southern American town Eric Gates seems to be aiming for a closed-room mystery and to the greatest extent he succeeds. This is a nice counterpoint to the national and international implications of a President under threat and a secret that must never be revealed.
What is never in doubt is the amount of research that must have gone into this book. Every step of the way, every choice of weapon, every twist and every turn has been meticulously prepared.
A real page turner, and the ending does not disappoint. Inventive and imaginative, Eric J Gates keeps every detail just the right side of believable, and all the more disconcerting for that.
I look forward to reading the next.

Helen Richards wrote (Amazon UK 5 Star rating):


If you're reading this on your Kindle, be patient as you may get a little confused in the time lines at the beginning, but it's well worth it. It's well written, exciting and a really good read. You definitely want to keep reading to find out what happens next; a great book to take on holiday so you don't have to put it down.

The opening chapters of Full Disclosure have been available on  for independent review for a few months. The following are a small selection from the 85+ critiques received, many by fellow authors:

Phil Adams wrote:
Wow! Very edge of seat stuff… Thought the action and pace were excellent, reminded me of an episode of 24 or The “Bourne” books and definitely in the Tom Clancy mould of thriller.

Jamie Sinclair wrote:
Brilliant. Instantly recognisable owing to its similarity to dozens of thrillers where there is a threat to the American President, secret agents, double agents, covert missions etc. It would be easy to be lazy and rely on this familiarity to carry the reader along but your writing feels fresh and original even though the themes are familiar.

It's well paced to keep the reader involved, the characters are engaging and the various settings feel real.

It's a crowded market for this type of fiction, but a lucrative one for those that do it well and your piece is as good as any I've read of this type. I would definitely read more.

John Gall wrote:
What a rip-roaring enjoyable read! Congratulations, I think you're on to a real good start.
I thought you handled the unfolding of this story really well. It has many changes to complicated scenes and action, which if not done carefully could come out a complete mess. As it is, you have managed to pull all the strands together to the exact tightness needed.

Tom Dean wrote:
A barnstorming read full of pace and action. The opening you would expect for a fast moving, modern thriller. There were strong indications of a good plot with hints of mystery, intrigue and betrayal; all the promise of a potboiler.

Dawn Lajeunesse wrote:
One word - WOW!
The story grabbed me from the start and was paced to keep me reading. The writer did an excellent job of setting up a number of questions that I just HAD to have answered. The characters seemed real, and I could visualize each setting. Each scene was riveting and contributed to what was coming.

Susan Helen wrote:
This was an enjoyable read. Not the usual topic I would have selected so to have gripped me the way it did speaks volumes of your skills. The scenes involving the calculated actions of the assassins in particular held me in suspense. You gave an insight into their world of unspeakable atrocities that sadly does exist in this world, whether we like it or not.

S.E. Lord wrote:
I really didn't expect to like this. I've reviewed a few thrillers so far, and didn't find them very thrilling. Well...yours is definitely an exception. I loved it. Your writing is engaging and smooth, your scene setting is enviable and the plot sucked me in... I expect this to be made into a film, after it becomes a best seller.

David Llewellyn wrote:
Who have you got in mind to play the president in the Hollywood version?
Loved it. It is a long, long time since I have read anything that offered such attention to detail, essential in raising the credibility and suspense of an excellent thriller. There were traces of The Day of the Jackal in there but you are obviously aiming at a much bigger storyline.
The initial scene, with Anson Moore, would have felt a little formulaic if you hadn't immediately built upon this. Always unnerving when a psychopath doesn't think he's a psychopath, with or without depression.

Marie Simon wrote:
Wow - where to start. Fast paced, plenty of action, lots of characters but not so many that you lose track of them, on the edge of my seat thrills; all I need to know is what happens next and can I read the rest of the book.

Carmen Finestra wrote:
What an easy review this is going to be because this is a great piece of writing. The style is very much your own and rushes the plot along nicely where needed, while lingering on the bits that are important. I’m not usually a fan of prologues but you’ve made it work by using suspense… Great job!

Rebecca Kemp wrote:
Congratulations on the makings of a well-crafted and tense thriller. It is clear that you have an incredibly detailed knowledge of weapons and warfare and one that I can tell has not been gleaned from TV or Google. This gives you an edge and makes your story convincing and makes me trust you as a writer. I am convinced by your characters and your storyline and none of it seems outlandish or ridiculous despite it being incredibly action packed and explosive. Your background in cyberwarfare and your interest in the area of military and security has clearly led you to create this fictional real-world of subterfuge, betrayal and politics. Your attention to detail is excellent and as I said demonstrates to me as a reader that you know what you are talking about.

Douglas Wright wrote:
It always amazes me how authentic the author makes the theme feel. If the detail is purely imagination I cannot believe it is done without a goodish bit of knowledge of the protocol and workings of the actual Oval Office and the relevant departments. The characterisation is most impressive and believable... All in all a good tale well written and convincing. The writing style is carried out with a flair and flows smoothly and easily and makes for easy reading. Congratulations on a fine effort and I wish you well with this book.

Thanks to all who took the time to read and review this novel.


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