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Winks 1 - Leaving Shadows
Winks 2 - Leaving Shadows
Winks 1 - Leaving Shadows

Winks 1 - The names game

“There is no event greater in life than the appearance of new persons about our hearth, except it be the progress of the character which draws them.”

-          Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher, from ‘Society and Solitude’ (1870).


This time the tale is peppered with names. Some, five to be precise, are those wonderful people who have entered the competition elsewhere on this web, and have won! They were all surprised to see their names used for protagonists of the book – most expected their characters to be secondary or scene-fillers at best. Sorry guys and gal, I treat my friends much better than that. Please note also, I didn’t kill off any of you.

Then there’s that pesky cameo again, this time on a bar stool in a City of London pub frequented by spooks at a weekend. Ah, those were the days! Well, I did get to show off some martial arts skills, so all is forgiven, right? And I helped out the good guys.

Oh yes, before you ask again, I have taught martial arts to spies… and Special Forces and conventional military personnel, as well as police officers, bodyguards, other security people and even Joe Public. Ah, those were the days! (Oh, said that already – must be getting nostalgic in my dotage. Unlike golfers who don’t get old, they just lose their balls, mature martial artists still have a trick or three up their kimonos, so keep on my good side!)


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