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"Writing is nothing more than a guided dream."

Doctor Brodie's Report, Jorge Luis Borges Acevedo, Argentinean Writer & Poet, 1899-1986



The content of this section is not intended to be a definitive guide to writing novels.

Rather it consists of a few sample chapters from Eric's book dedicated to the Aspiring Writer.

Take comfort in knowing that others have gone before, that no problem is insurmountable, and that there are even breadcrumbs to follow if you look hard enough.

This is the 'blurb for the book, followed by it's Table of Contents so you can see what subjects are covered. You can click on the cover on the left if you wish to see the book on Amazon.

Aspiring Writer?

 Thriller author Eric J. Gates guides the new writer through the minefield of present-day novel-writing, with the sole objective of having them lose that ‘aspiring’ word. In a witty, chatty style, he discusses everything from the right kind of keyboard to choose, through how to develop an idea into a storyline and perform an effective self-edit, right up to choosing the publishing option that’s right for you and how to use social media.

 The book is packed with practical techniques, tips and tricks, all explained in an easy-to-understand manner, designed to entertain whilst creating a solid foundation for YOUR writing career.

 This is not just another ‘How To’ book  (in fact, it’s a ‘How NOT to’ book).

 Gates brings to bear not just his skill in writing fast-paced thrillers, but his extensive experience as a top International Consultant in a book that will set you firmly on the road to realizing YOUR dream to become a WRITER in any Fiction genre.



So what’s this all about?


Chapter 1.1 - Hell, I'm a Writer!

Chapter 1.2 - How it all started [an eagle’s eye view of the writing process]

Chapter 1.3 - Building a better Batcave [the writing place]

Chapter 1.4 - Writing rules

Chapter 1.5 - Music while you work

Chapter 1.6 - Typify the typical [Book genres]


Chapter 2.1 - So just where DO you get your Ideas?

Chapter 2.2 - So what do you do if you can’t turn your idea into a story?

Chapter 2.3 - Building the recipe [Core Idea]

Chapter 2.4 - In Search of the Lost Fact [Research]

Chapter 2.5 - Interrogation Interview Techniques for Writers

Chapter 2.6 - Plotting your downfall! [Planning]

Chapter 2.7 - The Origin of the Species? [Plots]

Chapter 2.8 - Time to add the Magic Ingredients [Conflict, Action and Suspense]

Chapter 2.9 - Hitting the gas pedal! [Pace]

Chapter 2.10 - Character Building

Chapter 2.11 - From where I’m standing… [POV]

Chapter 2.12 - ‘Dialogue, that’s what we need!’ she said

Chapter 2.13 - Let’s go to the Movies [Show & Tell]

Chapter 2.14 - I think I should warn you about something [Foreshadowing]

Chapter 2.15 - How to avoid the 50-page burn-out [Writer’s Block]

Chapter 2.16 - Thinking about ending it all [Concluding the tale]

Chapter 2.17 - Titular Titillation [Novel titles]

Chapter 2.18 - The writer’s worst enemy


Chapter 3.1 - The Cutting-room floor [Editing]

Chapter 3.2 - Feedback [Review sites and Beta readers]

Chapter 3.3 - The road forward [Indie vs. Trad]

Chapter 3.4 - A Writer’s Introduction to… Copyright

Chapter 3.5 - So what do they know? [Reviews and Reviewers]


Chapter 4.1 - Platforms, Branding and Marketing

Chapter 4.2 - Say it with Pride

Chapter 4.3 - What NOT to do next

It's a great read, both practical and full of tips and tricks. It's also funny and chatty, not at all like a textbook.



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