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"Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think"
- Niels Bohr, Danish Physicist & Nobel Prize recipient (1855 - 1962)

It would be remiss of me not to include a wink somehow related to the origin of the famous phrase ‘flying saucers’. What makes it more interesting, especially given the jab at the role of the Media in the whole UFO/Alien business that I included in Full Disclosure, is that they were responsible for the name, because they did not do their job professionally.

I’m not going to relate the details of Kenneth Arnold’s experience here; there are many, many accounts on the Internet if you are interested in investigating further. I will give a few basic details though, so you can see how the Press got it wrong.

Kenneth Arnold was an experienced pilot. On June 24th, 1947 he was flying to Yakima, in Washington State and found himself in the vicinity of Mount Rainier around 3pm. He was aware that a Marine Corps C-46 plane had been lost nearby and decided to fly around for a while to try to locate it. Then he noticed 9 very bright unusually shaped objects (remember it is 1947), some 40-50 feet in length, travelling at what he later calculated at 1700 miles per hour.

In a subsequent interview, a United Press reporter, Bill Bequette, asked him how the objects flew. He responded with “like saucers skipping across water”. He also stated in the interview that these objects “were not circular” and that he had provided the Air Force with a sketch of what looked like a delta-wing craft.

The reporter then published that Arnold had seen “flying saucers”, and the misunderstanding was born.

So Nate Arnold, also a pilot, and the prime source of information regarding the history of ETs and UFOs in the novel, carries his surname in tribute.

Incidentally, Nate’s website has no equivalent in the real World, as far as I could discover, although, and for the same reasons he states in the novel, a UK Police Officer has a web, running for many years now, where policemen can record their sightings without fear of ridicule.


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