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"I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who."

-  Rudyard Kipling, Author & Adventurer (1865 - 1936), from 'The Elephant's Child' (1902)


As those of you who have read the Winks for 2012 will know, I managed to worm my name
into the novel - twice. This is now becoming both a tradition and a challenge. Refering to the cameo appearances in his films, Alfred Hitchcock remarked that he reached the point where he needed to insert that brief encounter as early as possible because audiences in the know were watching for this and not paying attention to the movie.

Well, I'm not at that stage... yet.

With this tale it was relatively easy to incorporate my name, as a character, right at the end. The fictional, dramatic account, "Full Disclosure - the Truth about our Future", was co-authored by myself and Nate Arnold.

As this one was easy, I decided to place an oblique reference elsewhere.

Remember the apocalyptic novel that Josie Walker and Joe Feathers were reading during their captivity, which Joe then used to disable a drone...

I already have my Hitch moment planned for the CULL - in fact, if you read the extract on this web, you might be able to spot where I appear - a word of warning though... it's much more difficult to locate this time.


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