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Winks 5 - Interview with Senior Special Agent Amy Bree, Homeland Security, Office 312.

“Always stick to the story. It was when you started backtracking that people got in trouble. Interrogation 101.” 

- Nicholas Sparks, contemporary American author, from his 2008 novel 'The Lucky One'

Interviewer (I): Thank you for dedicating this time, Special Agent Bree. We understand you are under duress at
the moment, given the circumstances.

Amy Bree: Yes, a little. Please call me Amy. You will understand there are some issues I will not be able to address, but I’ll answer as clearly as I can.

I: You were a junior agent with the FBI, then, following an unfortunate incident which resulted in two deaths, you were dismissed from the Bureau. Is that correct?

Amy: Not completely. It’s true I was a backroom support staff member at Quantico. It’s also true that a colleague and I were able to predict w
here the serial killer known as the Blood Sucker was going to strike. We tried to convince the appropriate people at the Bureau, but they just wouldn’t listen to two geeks like us.

I: So you decided to take matters into your own hands?

Amy: They wouldn’t listen; we couldn’t just stand there doing nothing; so we acted.

I: Yet everything went wrong. People died.

Amy: That’s true. I was almost killed as well.

I: And that led to your dismissal from the Bureau?

Amy: Politics led to my dismissal. Someone had to be the scapegoat, so why not the most junior agent?

I: Yet a few weeks later, you are reinstated as a Federal Agent on as special task force. How did that happen?

Amy: I can’t go into the details. Suffice it to say the orders to establish the task force came directly from the Vice President.

I: What was your mission in Office 312?

Amy: We were tasked to track down and eliminate the Blood Sucker.

I: Eliminate? Federal Agents were told to kill someone?

Amy: We were a sort of Special Tactics team, I guess. Our mandate included doing everything possible to stop the killings; even eliminating the murderer, if that became necessary.

I: I have to say that I’m not comfortable with the idea of government agents with a mandate to kill.

Amy: Neither were we. But as it turned out, the whole matter changed. We ended up being the ones hunted. My partner was taken. Others died.

I: The serial killer was caught, was he not?

Amy: Yes and no. I can’t say more.

I: But the killings stopped?

Amy: For now, at least.

I: Does that mean they could begin again?

Amy: I cannot say with complete certainty. The issue is complicated, very complicated. I don’t think the Blood Sucker, as such, will be back, though.

I: And Office 312? Will the task force now be disbanded?

Amy: At this time we don’t know. I’m told the decision in in the hands of others. I’m sure that, if it is decided we continue, there are more missions out there suited to out particular way of doing things.

I: So we may read about you and Office 312 in some context in the future?

Amy: Yes, that’s possible. Again, it’s not my decision.

I: Thank you for taking time to answer our questions, Senior Special Agent Bree. Would it be possible to ask you one more? About your partner, Katie Lindon?

Amy: I’m afraid that’s classified. I can't… will not talk about what happened.

(At this juncture, Agent Bree concluded the interview and left.)




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