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Winks 7 - A Huge Clue


“I have not lost my mind - it's backed up on disk somewhere.”

- Unknown, yes, unknown – maybe they forgot?


This is the patch Colonel McKay had on his uniform.

It’s the 1st Psychological Operations Battallion’s unit emblem.

Officially its symbolism represents:

Use of colour white: purity and truth – the Battalion’s preferred type of propaganda

The parchment roll: ability to disseminate written propaganda

The lightning flash: dominating the broadcast frequencies (radio & TV)

The PSI symbol in Greek: their mission, mess with your heads

The 'First' refers to their battalion number, of course.


So why is this important to the tale?

I introduced it, very early on, as a big clue for the observant to indicate what was really going on in the town, long before Moore came clean.

I was ‘messing with your head’.




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