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Bloodstone - an extract
  Read a short extract from Chapter 1 of the sequel to 'the CULL - Bloodline'

But make sure the lights are on first...


Amy’s eyes jerked open; the blackness remained.

She blinked rapidly, forcibly, trying to chase way the shadows. Nothing.

She sucked in a deep breath. The air tasted dank, earthy; overtones of peat dominated in her nostrils. Her mouth was dry. She felt hot; no air moved, no breeze felt. She blinked again; still no change.

Amy strained her hearing trying to capture the most minimal clue to where she was. Silence was her reward. Well, not quite; she could hear her own heartbeat, starting to race now as her pulse quickened; hear her blood rushing in her ears.

Salt stung her eyes as sweat rolled off her forehead. Involuntarily she raised her left hand to wipe away the burning sensation. The back of her hand hit something solid. She raised her hand again, gently. A few centimetres above her prone body the movement of her hand was once again stopped by the hard surface. She was lying on her back beneath… something.

Twisting her wrist, she brought her fingertips into contact with the smooth surface. It was warm; slightly damp. Without raising her head, Amy blew out through her mouth in the direction of her hand. She felt the gentle buffeting of warm air against her fingers. The damp was condensation, she thought.

Slowly she extended both hands out to her sides. A couple of palm’s widths, maybe less, another surface on either side aborted their movement. She touched the vertical obstacles. Smooth. Cool to the touch. Pliable. Some kind of fabric, perhaps.

Amy let her hands fall. Beneath her a similar sensation greeted her exploring fingers. She was in a rectangular tube. It was becoming uncomfortably hot now; rivulets of sweat were constant reminders of discomfort. She needed to move.

Keeping her hands close to her body, she reached past her head. Her long hair felt matted, dirty. Her fingertips touched another wall; no way out in that direction. She pushed against the wall, stretching her toes, searching for open space. Ten, fifteen centimetres… another flat wall. It wasn’t a rectangle… it was a box.

Her mind finally put the pieces together.

She was in a coffin.

Buried alive!

Sorry, no more - that would mean Spoilers and we don't want that do we?

the CULL continues in Blood Feud and Blood Demon!

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