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Winks 8  - So much for writing rules!

"Never open a book with weather."

-    Elmore John Leonard, Jr. (1925 – 2013) American Novelist and Screenwriter

Many, many years ago, I used to start my day by reading the bottom of the back page of a newspaper.

What was I looking at, you may wonder?

I was following the adventures of a group of kids who existed under the collective name of 'Peanuts'. Yes, I was a fan of Charles Shultz and Charlie Brown, Lucy... and above all, of a fellow writer...

My peer could be seen sitting
with a typewriter, perched on the top of his house, labouring away at the opening line of another 'Great American Novel'. The line in question, repeated sometimes almost daily, for years was

"It was a dark and stormy night..."

The writer never got any further than that.

I knew back then that at some point in my writing career I would ignore the writing rule about starting a novel with the weather and pay due homage to my fellow scrivener.

The opportunity came with 'the CULL - Bloodline'.

Yes, Snoopy, this one's for you!


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