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the CULL series
  Where better to hide than in plain sight?

  Vampires!!!  ...with a completely new twist.



Thought you had seen it all in Vampire novels?

Well, you're wrong, very wrong!

Bloodline Bloodstone Blood Feud Blood Demon

The first 3 books
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Eric has announced there will be one more book in the series, available 2016

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Some reader reviews:

UP ALL NIGHT NOVELS wrote: ( April 25th, 2014)

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Confident, tough as nails and action packed! the CULL - Bloodline weaves an incredibly fast paced and detailed plot that reads like an action movie Jason Bourne would be envious of.

This title appealed to me on so many levels. Give me a strong female protagonist with actual intelligence, a swift sense of justice and some wicked cool gadgets, and I'm a happy gal. Check! the CULL - Bloodline gives us two for the price of one. Give me a new way to look at vampires, and I'm a really happy gal. Double check! None of that cuddly/creepy once bitten, twice dead stuff. Wrap it all up in the confines of government and Vatican conspiracy, then mainline the adrenaline. CHECK, CHECK CHECK!!! But wait, there's more! The story isn't sidelined by swooning nonsense. Can you hear me singing Independent Women?

Mr. Gates has done his homework (or lived it), the attention to detail is top notch and the pacing is incredible. Couple that with a high-impact, adrenaline fueled story, and you've got an instant hit with readers. Gates has a knack for directing his reader's emotional response throughout, ratcheting the adrenaline up with quick, concise, impacting dialog and action. Then seamlessly transitioning to bring us back down through nearly hypnotic melodious syntax.

I highly recommend the CULL - Bloodline to fans of Paranormal, Crime, Mystery, Suspense and Espionage novels. Those of you who just have to have a dose of romance are strongly cautioned. There's no room for it in this title, because it's already brimming with too much awesome.

Yelle Hughes
wrote: (Goodreads April, 2014)

star star star star star I couldn't put it down!

The Cull Bloodline, starts off getting to know one of the main characters, Amy. Who she is and how and why she became a federal agent with the government.

I really like the author's writing style of explaining a situation without being too wordy. It allowed the author to give as much information and more detail of this vampire thriller. Eric even made the computer jargon understandable and I know nothing about computers, how about that.

I don't want to give any spoilers away, but Eric Gate put a different and interesting take on vampire lore that makes a lot of sense.

As I read along Amy and Katie's adventures, this book had me so intrigued , I couldn't put it down till I read to the end.

I thought the Cull Bloodline was a very well written, action packed and I can wait to read Amy and Katie's adventure along with what is going to happen with Enrique.

Diogenes wrote: (Amazon Feb 20th, 2014)

star star star star star  Remember to breathe

Eric J. Gates' "The Cull - Bloodline" is a vampire book with a difference.

Instead of being presented with the sparkly vampires of "Twilight" fame, or swimming in the overfished waters of the Vlad legend, we are here given the vampire-as-serial-killer motif. Expunge from your mind the tired cliches of fangs and crucifixes. Gates' vampires are creatures of genetic mutation, and all the more deadly for that. No airy-fairy mysticism here, just blood, knives, bullets and the thrill of the chase. But who is hunting whom?

The author weaves a refreshing tale of two strong women (yes - women!) agents pursuing a dangerous quarry, while themselves being pursued. Throw in murky government agencies, the Vatican, lots of IT wizardry, and any number of other players with their own violent agendas, and you have the recipe for a great page-turner.

This is a gripping action book, fast-paced and addictive. You're going to have a problem putting it down. Remember to breathe.

wrote: (Goodreads Feb. 14, 2013)

star star star star

"Amy Bree and Ralph Graham work for the FBI, but not as a Special Agents as they want. They work behind the scenes helping the FBI create computer programs/systems to help solve crime/looking for patterns in crimes. During one of his assignments, Ralph does some work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit Team where he comes across the files about a particularly gruesome serial killer case that has been nicknamed the Blood Sucker by the press and also has the Unit stumped. Amy and Ralph decide to look at the files using their expertise to see if they could find anything that connects the victims to each other.

Seeing a connection, they decide to go on a stakeout; unfortunately for them, leads to Ralph’s death and Amy getting kicked out of the FBI. A few weeks after the incident, she is approached by a Monsignor from the Vatican named Cancelli. Apparently, Cancelli has government connections and tells Amy that he can not only, get back into Law Enforcement, but can give her a chance to get revenge on the Blood Sucker.

Thus begins The Cull by Eric J. Gates. The book is a great mix of a thriller and horror, and it is very thrilling, indeed! I enjoyed the way Mr. Gates’ told the story – it is a mix of police procedural with some gory bits and elements of the Fantastic. It has an original take on the Vampire myth and some wonderfully sympathetic characters. Also, we meet several characters whose motives are not first clear and they maybe working for own self-interests rather than trying to bring the killer to justice. There are some great twists along the way and the case is resolved in a satisfying manner. It has a wonderful set-up for a sequel!

I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good thriller to read."

Jonel Boyko wrote: (Goodreads Jan. 04, 2013)

star star star star

"I must admit that when I first picked up this book I didn’t know what to expect. It looked intriguing so I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised, enjoying every word that I read. I was captivated throughout the novel by all of the suspense and mystery hidden behind the words. This book is James Patterson meets Dan Brown, while remaining entirely unique.

Gates’ writing style dictates your mood towards the story. At times he uses short, choppy sentences, making the action seem even more intense. Other times his writing is soothing. Yet again, the way that his sentences are put together brings out further compassion for the characters involved. Each section of the novel is written in a way to maximize impact, while still flowing seamlessly together. The novel also remains gripping throughout. Even the parts that are simply background information or descriptive narrative are never boring.

Based on the background of the novel there are times that medical terminology and techno-babble become very prominent. Without talking down to his audience, Gates manages to use this in a way that remains understandable to all readers, regardless of background. All aspects of this novel were well researched, from technology to medicine to history. There are many twists and additions to fact but there is no data that is completely out to left field. There are also many parallels that can be drawn with the Inquisition, creating a further link with the past. Gates also takes the preconceived notion of vampires (ie// Dracula) and gives it a never before seen twist that re-defines vampirism.

And let us not forget about the characters. Because what is a novel without well developed, interesting characters. The main characters are a pair of female Special Operatives that you cannot help but love. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Gates did not use the typical male/male or male/female pairing. I spent a great deal of time wondering “who are you” when dealing with the antagonist (aka the really evil bad guy). He remained a mysterious entity throughout most of the novel so that you cannot help but want to know more. When you finally meet him, he is just as evil as you had imagined him to be.

This was by far one of the best suspense novels that I have read in a long time. I think that I need to go and find another of Gates’ books to read to follow this one.

Other reader comments:

“Lean and mean.”

 “The action moves fast and fluently - an essential hallmark of a good thriller.”

 “He’s taken a familiar theme, the vampire novel, and given it a good shake. What emerges is something fresh and vibrant. It’s a fusion of hard-nosed techno thriller with a paranormal twist, almost a new genre. He keeps the story just the right side of believable, making you wonder if he knows something the majority don’t.”

 “This story grabbed me right from the start. It gallops along at a cracking pace and carries the reader with it.”

 “Near the end I found myself shouting aloud at [character] saying not to [deleted to avoid spoilers], I  was so involved in the story.”

 “An interesting, nail-biting tale, well written”

 “This sets off at a cracking pace. Straight away I felt involved, drawn right into the story. The action scenes were handled with great expertise and I really got a sense of the tension… a very distinctive style: short, snappy sentences create a very fast-moving story.”

 “A real gift for creating a sense of suspense. The first part gave a nice sense of something sinister to come and when the main part of the story began, I had already felt the tension.”

 “I read Full Disclosure a while ago and was very impressed. I am equally impressed by the Cull. Strong writing, believable characters, enough little tweaks of familiar themes to keep the interest there and a good pace”

 “Solid characters, even liked the bad guys. Believable action. You feel you’re right there. Scary.”

 “Another great read from this author. Looking forward to the next.”

the CULL series is available for Kindle e-book readers and apps, as well as in paperback from Amazon and your favourite bookstores.
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