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"There is a third dimension to traveling, the longing for what is beyond."

- Jan Myrdal, contemporary Swedish author.

With the advent of the e-book, many writers are including links to information outside the pages of the novel. I have been doing this since the beginning.


In 2012 I supplied an e-mail address for one of my characters. It’s a real e-mail address and I monitor any traffic it receives. I also included some GPS coordinates linked to the storyline. If you go to the Winks section for 2012 you will find those explained.

In Full Disclosure, I went one better. The town where most of the action took place is fictitious, so I could not provide a GPS location. Yet, I did provide my readers with a Twitter™ account for Anson Moore, one of the protagonists. Again it’s a real account, and I do monitor its traffic.

With the CULL one of my characters makes heavy use of Google Earth™ and its StreetView™ feature. If you have this software, you can run through the Washington roads and alleyways where the Blood Sucker is pursued by his enemies, stalk the street where the trap is set for the vampire, even walk to the building and adjacent parking lots.

If you are really diligent, you might be able to locate the house where Neumann lives in Chicago, or the Austrian mansion, even Katie's Washington bolt-hole...

If technology keeps up its inexorable progress, soon you could be on the page, in the action with the protagonists.

Who knows?

Yet you have this possibility today – just enter the competition on this website – you could be there, battling it out against insurmountable odds, sooner than you think.



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